ICASA notice from the Aero Club of South Africa – Alan Even-Haynes

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ICASA notice from the Aero Club of South Africa – Alan Even-Haynes

Post by admin » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:33 am

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ICASA has issued a notice in the Government Gazette 42080 on 4 December 2018 requiring all radio frequency users to apply for a permit.

This could effect the following aviation frequencies:
  • VHF Navigation (108.000Mhz – 117.950Mhz)
  • VHF Communication (118.000Mhz – 136.975Mhz)
  • Transponder / Traffic Collision Avoidance System (1030 Mhz / 1090 Mhz)
  • Airborne Weather Radar (9375Mhz)
  • Radar Altimeter / Ground Proximity Warning System (4200Mhz-4400Mhz)
  • Distance Measuring equipment (962Mhz-1213Mhz)
  • Global Positioning System (1176Mhz – 1575Mhz)
  • Doppler Radar (8800hz-13300Mhz)
  • FLARM (868Mhz)
  • Others (2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz and 35Mhz)
The Aero Club has established confirmation that previous regulation Government Gazette Vol 630 No 41321 15 December 2017 applies, which states that these regulations are NOT APPLICABLE to aeronautical mobile, aeronautical radio-navigation and radiolocation services operating in the frequency bands allocated to these services in the National Radio Frequency Plan published by ICASA in terms of section 34 (2) of the electronic Communications Act, 2005. We support the SACAA and DOT in their initiatives to ensure flight safety prevails and promote full compliance with the ICAO Conventions in this respect. Aviators are therefore NOT required to apply for a permit should you be operating in these frequencies for aviation purposes. Also SKA are finally acknowledging the need for genuine stakeholder engagement. We shall keep all aviators appraised of developments as they occur but will endeavour to ensure the freedom of flight for all.

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